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Do you need an annual termite inspection or have you found something you suspect is termites? We recommend a termite inspection at least annually as per the Australian Standards, 1 in 3 Australian houses will be attacked by termites and early detection is vital to save your home from the worst damage and potentially overwhelming financial loss. If you or our technician find termites we would then after careful consideration of your particular circumstances recommend a treatment plan. Your treatment plan may involve baiting, termiticidal foam or a termiticide dust. Our technicians are all very experienced and undergo regular training to ensure we are using industry best practice and the most appropriate treatment type for your situation. If you have found termites or are thinking about a termite barrier ring us for a free on site quote.

Learn about General Pest Control

General Pest Control is the control of Cockroaches, Spiders, Silverfish, mites, fleas and bed bugs, we use a targeted application of chemical into pest harbourages and gel baits for cockroaches and ants. If you have Silverfish or Bed Bugs it becomes a little more complicated as each pest insect is a little different and control can vary substantially, we ask that when you book a service you let us know about your pest problems. Pests like German Cockroaches and Bed Bugs are much more difficult to control and may require more than a single visit to control or a second visit just to make sure we have eliminated all of the targeted pest through the use of monitor traps and thorough reinspection. If you have a specific concern you can even email or Facebook Message us a photo of your bugs and we’ll let you know if you need to worry. 

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Commercial Pest Control

We are a commercial pest control specialist. 

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Maybe you've got Rodents

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Do you have rodents or do you suspect you may have them? Here we’ll let you know how to be sure you have mice or rats and not Geckos or Possums. If you want more information about rodents as a pest click here. Mice are as the saying goes “quiet” but will let you know of their presence by eating small holes in your food or by chewing through bags and boxes. Mouse droppings are small much like gecko droppings but without the white tip and are thinner Sometimes the little white tip may break off the gecko droppings, however if you see a lot of other droppings around the same area with the white tip you can be certain it’s geckos and not a mouse. Rats often when they invade your house can be quite noisy, you might hear fighting through the night or gnawing in the walls or ceiling. Rat droppings are much larger than a mouse and can look like possum droppings and be confused easily. If you have had a rodent problem in the past, there will a residual smell from urine trails the rodents have left through your house and you find that new rodents will follow this trail and reinfest your house year after year. It’s generally why we recommend a six monthly service or maybe quarterly in some cases to ensure your rodent boxes have fresh bait and to monitor for continued or renewed activity.


We do our best on every single job for every single customer, however for reasons that are not always clear, pests may not all be eradicated or may come back. If you have pests reappear simply give us a call and we'll drop around at a time convenient for you and retreat that pest, usually with a different chemical formulation.


Our technicians attend a number of professional development events every year ensuring they are able to provide you with the very best service in every situation.


We will be there on time, well we will absolutely try our best, however if in the unlikely event we are running late we give you a courtesy call to let you know what time we are arriving.

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We provide pest control services north from the Brisbane river to Caboolture and Redcliffe areas. If you are a Real Estate, Body Corporate or a Commercial we can and do cross the river if you have multiple sites.